Enter the Venture is a bi-monthly magazine featuring new releases, interviews, and reviews with up-and-coming solo artists and bands from around the world. From the songwriting process, to recording techniques, to touring shenanigans, ETV will cover all the topics you want to know concerning your next musical addiction. Learn how these everyday artists got their start in creating music and what inspires them to continue today. Click here to view all issues of ETV Magazine on Issuu.com. To subscribe to the magazine on Patreon, click here.


If you are a band who would like to be interviewed or has an album for review, please reach out to us. For all inquiries related to Enter the Venture, send an e-mail to IsiahReyes08@gmail.com.


We are open to partnering with promoters and bands no matter how big or small they are. We offer affordable prices for everyone so be sure to tell us what your budget is and we’ll work together to create an ad campaign that works for you. E-mail IsiahReyes08@gmail.com for all advertising submissions.

Click here for Enter the Venture’s 2017 Media Kit that includes demographic information and page pricing. Publishing dates this year will be on June 1, August 1, October 1, and December 1.


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