Rival Shapes – New EP Release

Four-piece Tucson-natives Rival Shapes recently released its new moody EP “Pull.” Check out the tranquil opening track “Evaporate” here:

This year’s “Pull” EP is a follow up to their last year’s debut EP “Push.” It features slower songs full of introspection that explore the darkest depths of human emotions. The band stated the EP is about “seeking, attainment, preservation, and loss of love” perfect for rainy days or getting through a tough breakup. Although the songs are sad in nature, they do provide the warmth needed to cope with difficult situations in life. The singing and instrumentation compliment Rival Shapes’ ability to craft songs that allow listeners to love themselves with uplifting lyrics for dark times. This is the EP to pick up to get into the band while the flames flicker in the background.

The band formed in late 2014 when singer-songwriter Fred Baker met guitarist-songwriter Frank Dillon in a local watering hole in Tucson, AZ. They began writing in 2015 and after coming up with a bunch of songs, they enlisted drummer Ryan Janac who learned the songs and laid the foundation in early 2016. They added bassist Brock Lange and together they have created an unmistakable haunting and shadowy sound straight from the heart of Tucson.

Rival Shapes

Photo via Rival Shapes

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R. Missing – New EP Release

Dark wave duo R. Missing has released its new EP “Unsummering.” Check out the mellow dance single “Kelly Was a Philistine” here:

Drawing comparisons to Chelsea Wolfe, Velvet Underground and Morrissey, New York-based R. Missing presents a synth-heavy electronic venture filled with swatches of soothing vocals and simple beats that wouldn’t be out of place with flickering strobe lights and seducing strangers.

The accompanying music video is trippy with a grainy texture that presents the main theme of the album well: to be detached, isolated, unloved and finding the darkness in the light. If you’re in the mood for staying indoors and finding the opposite of summer, then look no further than “Unsummering.”

r missing

Photo provided by R. Missing

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Bleeding Knees Club – New EP Release

Australian garage-pop band Bleeding Knees Club is releasing its new EP “Chew the Gum” April 14. Watch the video for the raucous single here:

The four track EP, produced by John Patterson of The Grates, is the band’s first since 2013’s “Feel.” During the band’s hiatus, frontman Alex Wall released a batch of albums under his sci-fi punk solo project Wax Witches. Upon returning to Australian and coming up with new songs, Wall said the material he wrote instantly felt like Bleeding Knees Club.

“[The song] is about overdoing things that are fun, to the point that it’s not fun at all anymore,” Wall said. “Chewing the gum till there’s no flavour left, and it just tastes gross.”

“Chew the Gum” is fresh and full of attitude, with high potential for becoming an anthem for rebellious teens. The video was filmed and directed by Sonny Costin and shows an intense wrestling battle in the ring between two opponents who are not quite in the same weight class. After being abused badly, all it takes is a stick of gum to revitalize the fallen brawler and defeat his much bigger competitor. The idea for the video came from Wall and stars band members Michael Barker (guitar), Gio Alexander (bass), and Nick Leighton (drums).

“Everyone can relate to wanting to get revenge,” Wall said. “And some can relate to getting pissed on. So, I thought I’d make a clip about a kid getting revenge on a guy that pissed on him. A few years back I met a wrestler who said he’d be keen to be in a video, so the time finally came to take him up on it. I thought it’d be cool if you could hire a wrestler to do your dirty work, and get vengeance for you.”

The band first began as a lo-fi duo in 2010, and after they released their debut album “Nothing To Do,” they quickly became known for their ability to conjure up high octane garage-pop songs similar to The Ramones. Throughout the years, Bleeding Knees Club has played shows worldwide such as UK’s Great Escape Festival and with bands like Wavves, Best Coast, The Vines, Black Lips, OFF! and more.

In addition to releasing a new EP, the band has also announced a national tour with dates in May and June. Support for the shows come from The Pinheads along with a few other special guests. Check out full tour details here:

tour dates

Now that the band is performing live as a 4-piece for the first time, fans new and old should hop aboard to get into the big, punk sound that only Bleeding Knees Club can offer. To stay up to date with all things Bleeding Knees Club, check them out on YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, Twitter, and their official site.

Morricone Youth – New EP Release

Morricone Youth is continuing its two-year venture where the group releases 15 vinyl and digital LPs and EPs featuring their take on live scores of silent era films and midnight movies. Last month they released the 10-track LP “Mad Max” inspired by the 1979 dystopian action film of the same name. Check out the snyth-frenzy opener “Halls of Justice” here:

The LP was released via Country Club Records and features extensive use of an analog keyboard, which was maintained by Joe McGinty (Psychedelic Furs/Loser’s Lounge) at Carousel Vintage Studio, where the LP was captured and engineered by Steve Silverstein (TapeOp). Brian Kantor (The Cardigans’ Nina Persson, Shudder To Think’s Nathan Larson, Higgins and Fruit Bats) joins Morricone youth for this release laying down the drum tracks. Mixed by World Inferno Friendship Society’s Scott Hollingsworth, the LP reflects the movie’s loneliness and at times aggressive tone with a fresh new take.

Morricone Youth previously released “Night of the Living Dead” and “The Adventures of Prince Achmed”  in their series of 15 LPs and EPs based on classic films. “Mad Max” is the third release, and we can’t wait to see what’s next in store for this ongoing series.

“Mad Max” is available digitally and as part of a high quality limited edition vinyl pressing of 500 on transparent coke bottle clear green vinyl. Be sure to stay up to date with all things Morricone Youth on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, and its official website.

The William Shake – New EP Release

The William Shakes have released the pop-infused “The Fault” of its upcoming EP titled “How Goes the Night?” coming out on Feb. 10. Check out the alternative indie rocker here:

The William Shake is a concept and band fronted by Mark McGettrick who writes and produces all the material. McGettrick’s style in writing lyrics is the cornerstone of his musical project, where he uses David Bowie’s “cut-up” method of taking bits and pieces of words and placing them together resulting in often haphazard phrases. McGettrick has used this technique on Shakespeare’s words and characters by selecting a character, isolating their lines, randomizing their lines, curating it into new lyrics, and then composing an original melody.

The debut EP explores these five Shakespearean characters: Banquo (MacBeth), Helena (All’s Well That Ends Well), Horatio (Hamlet), Cordelia (King Lear), and Cassius (Julius Caesar). “The Fault” is based on Cassius from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and explores the relationships between fathers and sons and the responsibility they hold to one another.

The songs were conceived as an acoustic project for the February 2016 RPM Challenge (the challenge required participants to record 10 songs or 35 minutes of original material during the month of February). McGettrick added a full band to his tracks resulting in the current final product. The EP features him performs guitar, bass, percussion and vocals along with musical contributions with New York, Boston and Los Angeles artists Carrie Ingber, Rob Sistare, Matt Diekmann, and Jason Dunn.


Photo provided by The William Shake

In addition to The William Shake, McGettrick has also been featured playing drums and backing vocals on The Luxury’s 2015 album “Bones and Beaten Heart” as well as performing with Seven Sunless Days, Sugarshaped, Chromavoid, and Fade.

“How Goes the Night?” is coming out Feb. 10 so be sure to check it out upon release. To stay up to date with all things The William Shake, be sure to visit his website, Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook.