Carly Taich – New Single Release

Asheville based singer-songwriter Carly Taich has released her debut single “Let it Shine” from her upcoming album “Reverie,” to be released in October. Check out the song here:

Taich’s music is considered to be fearless folk-pop, and it’s easy to see why. “Let it Shine” is an emotion-filled indie pop song filled with highs and lows in sorrow, remembrance, and appreciation of the past. Though starting off with only guitar, drums, and vocals, it’s clear to note just those three alone create an atmosphere that is haunting and ghostly yet reassuring. Carly’s voice is calm and soothing and the violin that swoops in adds a layer of comfort in the dark fog. The track is a satisfying listen for anyone into folk-pop and beyond, and it’s a single that builds anticipation for “Reverie” coming out in October, an album about moving forward while giving the past a proper burial ground.

carly 0.jpg

Photo by Shonie Joy Kuykendall

The album features Alex Travers (violin), and Midnight Snack members: Mike Johnson (bass guitar/synth/piano/acoustic guitar), Jack Victor (percussion/vocals) and Zack Kardon (electric guitar/vocals) and was recorded at Sedgwick Studios, North Carolina by Mike Johnson with additional engineering by Peter Brownlee.

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True Studd – New Video Release

San Francisco-based rapper True Studd is has released her defiant gay pride anthem “I Am the Agenda,” an energetic display of her passion and commitment to the cause, inspired by the prevalence of gays in the music, film, sports and political arenas. Check out the video below:

True Studd’s goal is to stay authentic in the face of the unfairness surrounding gays and this authenticity shines throughout her debut EP “The Rise of the Gays.”

“I want my music to reveal that what you like and who you are doesn’t matter as long as you’re true,” True Studd said. “Every song has a message that anybody can connect with – at the end of the day remember we are all humans on one planet. My music is here to show the world we can do just as good or even more, and that my sexuality wasn’t chose but it’s just who I am.”

A new track “Ready or Not” has already been released on the EP, which releases on August 25 via Stay Current Productions, with pre-orders going on now. Check it out here:

“It’s our time now, and we are on the rise – now.”

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Big Hair Girls – New Video Release

New York chant-pop duo Big Hair Girls released a new video for their single “Future Is Female.” Check it out here:

Big Hair Girls have created a fun dance track full of girl power that would feel right at home to fans of Shamir, MIA or Sofi Tukker. The pop duo is made up of sisters Venus and Lizzy Lightyear, and they grew up in New York as Russian / Romanian / Surinamese and Caribbean lineage. Their mother was an immigrant, their parents were strict, and their family didn’t have much money. They were bullied in their school years and they stood out during a time in their lives when they we wanted to fit in. Soon enough they realized their differences is what made them awesome and they stop straightening their hair and took the path to freedom and big hair. Their song “Future is Female” is an anthem for the Girl Power Movement and celebrates female empowerment.

Big Hair Girls started making music out of their bedroom studio and quickly became a staple of New York City’s underground scene, where they DJ at LGBTQ parties. It wasn’t until they linked up with producer Donny Dykowsky that they created their signature sound, which includes tropical, pop anthems inspired by themes of girl power, strength, unity, and individuality. The duo’s ultimate message is to embrace uniqueness and to spread positivity and acceptance. Lizzy and Venus have put themselves at the forefront of the growing army of glitter warriors and are ambassadors to the future of girl power.


Image via Big Hair Girls

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Voldo Blanka – New Video Release

Canadian electronic artist Voldo Blanka released a new music video for his first single “Go Your Way” from his recently released album “Nuns Enjoy a Mandman.” Check out the track here:

Directed by Nathan Kim, the video was shot in the dark and grungy alleys of Los Angeles and features actors Stewart and Judson Emery as they reunite after exploring the depths of the city. The artistic yet reality-based video fits the melody driven single, which is built around a classical piano line and features haunting electro-vocals that take you to space. The inventive instrumentation is reminiscent to the likes of Hundred Waters or Chromatics and is a track to be played repeatedly to the end of the year.

Voldo Blanks is the moniker of Neu Mannas, who was the frontman of alternative rock group Head of the Herd, the first band in Canadian history to have a #1 rock single without a record label. After three albums and years on the road, Neu Mannas left to hone his skills as a composer for screen. Although he falls under the umbrella of electronic, he is also a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and film composer whose concept lends itself to the realm of alternative electronica.

voldo blanka

Image via Voldo Blanka

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Sam-C – New Music Videos

Baltimore rapper Sam-C has released two music videos “Lost Ones” and “The 4” off his latest “Days in July” EP. Check out “Lost Ones” here:

The video for “Lost Ones” is a tribute to all those we have lost throughout our lives, and lyrically deals with the fact that this is an inevitable part of life. The Hip-Hop piano ballad delivers a message straight from the soul of the 24-year-old, who has been making music at 13 years old, after losing his mother to cancer. The combination of this, his father’s untimely absence and the reality of life as an orphan in the public system fueled him to want more out of life.


Image via Sam-C

“The 4” music video was influenced by Sam-C’s hometown Baltimore with the area code being 410.

“The lyrics describe the living conditions and mindset of inner city Baltimore natives,” Sam-C said. “Survival of the fittest being born in the fire creates the strongest weapon.”

At first music was therapeutic for Sam-C, and he created music that dealt with every aspect of life – relationships, mentalities, social topics. It didn’t take long for music to grow into a passion he wanted to create a career from, leading to the creation of his label Back Row Elite, on which he released his debut album “Days in July.” The album’s summer vibes merge old-school Hip-Hop with lyrics dealing with themes of progression and the process of moving from negative to positive mindsets.


Image via Sam-C

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