Prison Escapee – New Single Release

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Prison Escapee released two new tracks “Locket” and “Au Revoir” that follow up his 2016 LP “Disappearing Mountaintop.” Check out the songs below:

The two electro-inspired piano ballads are themed around unrequited and lost love.  The songs continue the Prison Escapee trend of making lo-fi style recordings that could easily work as part of a film soundtrack. His songs have an intimate feeling probably from having both his debut and sophomore albums were written, recorded, produced, and mixed in his living room.

prison escapee

Photo via Prison Escapee

Erik David Hidde created the moniker Prison Escapee in 2015, and is putting all his effort into original melancholic music and electronic rock songs after running the independent Housewarming Records in New York. He was raised in Fort Hunter in upstate New York by a Christian family, which is represented in his music. He was brought up singing in his church and all-county chorus in grade school. His lyrics often includes reflecting back on his childhood and personal sentiments of loss, which is centered around his close friend’s prison cell suicide.

prison 2.jpg

Photo via Prison Escapee

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Bradley Wik – New Single Release

Bradley Wik and the Charlatans have released their new single “Some Girls (Still Love Rock N Roll)” off his upcoming album titled “In My Youth, I’m Getting Old…” scheduled to release on Sept. 15. For a classic rocker, check the track out here:

The sound of the song has rightfully drawn comparisons to Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and the Replacements. It harkens back to the time when bands got together in one room to record the familiar sounds of guitars, bass, drums and keys straight from live to tape for a real performance and connection to classic rock n roll.

The album’s namesake is about Wik’s battle with drugs and alcohol, failed relationships and personal struggles and acts as a product of coming to terms with his chosen lifestyle. The songs are also meant to have people relate to them, whether by helping remember their hometown, friends, lost loves, hopes or regrets. Wik’s songs are snapshots in life, from nights filled with dancing, drinking and laughter to dark nights of defeat.

bradley wik

Image via Bradley Wik

Wik’s approach to his sound is to break away from modern conventions and to return to his rock n roll roots and all the rawness and organic power it has.

“It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be worth it,” Wik said. “What makes music great? The stories. And the moment where someone listening says, ‘that’s me.’”

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Scott Ruth – New Single Release

Scott Ruth has released his latest single “Are You There,” a track produced by acclaimed indie folk musician Noah Gundersen. Check out the alternative rocker here:

Ruth is an L.A.-based singer-songwriter who finds himself for the first time not self-producing a project. He worked with Gundersen and engineer Andy Parks, allowing Ruth to have more creative freedom and a new perspective. The song was recorded at X Studios in Seattle, and follows the American songwriting style of Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen while lyrically focusing on the void left behind in a past relationship.

“The song is about that feeling you get when someone who was once a huge part of your life, suddenly isn’t there anymore and all the things that go through your head,” Ruth said. “Wondering what they’re doing, if they’re feeling what you’re feeling.”

scott ruth

Photo via Scott Ruth

Ruth was formerly a part of the L.A. indie rock band The Futures League where he provided bass. He has since furthered his craft as a multi-instrumentalist and producer. Last year, he released his solo debut “The Weight of It All” and toured extensively for it supporting Noah Gundersen as well as headlining his own shows.

“I’m now in a different chapter of my life, and I couldn’t be more excited to get the rest of these songs out in the open,” Ruth said.

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Beta Days – New Single Release

Rhode Island-based Beta Days has released their single “Agendas” from the upcoming album “S.T.T.” coming out June 23. Check out the mellow yet uplifting track here:

Beta Days is the one-man project of Bill Bierce, who serves as songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. The project came to Bierce when he decided he wanted to do more than just play for Boston rock band The Wandas. He ended the four-year stint and starting on his own, writing and recording everything from scratch. Through many intense late-night writing sessions and an overall nocturnal lifestyle, Bierce recorded the full-length album titled “S.T.T.” standing for Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, an acronym for the days of the week they would record. Throughout 2015 in his private studio in Rhode Island, Bierce and his friend Andrew Grant would eventually go on to finish the album in mid-2016.


Photo via Beta Days

The result is a collection of songs that are thought-provoking and elicit feelings of isolation, the ups-and-downs of relationships, and the hardships of youth and adult life. Bierce expanded the project into a live band shortly after completing the record, including his ex-Wandas bandmate Keith McEachern on bass. Now with a distinct sound and a proper release completed, Beta Days are looking to take their music to the next level.


Photo via Beta Days

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Matt Koelsch – New Single Release

Singer-songwriter Matt Koelsch released his single “Perfectly Aligned” off his upcoming EP “Thinking of You” coming out on July 1. Check it the summer song here:

Koelsch’s latest EP is titled “Thinking of You” and was co-produced with Eugene Toale, who has worked with Kanye West and Las Cafeteras. Koelsch’s story is a bit different than most singer-songwriters who aspire to go into music at a young age. Koelsch decided to move away from his anchored position in the world of finance during the height of the recession into the often-chaotic realm that is the music industry.

“I walked out of the doors of the financial building in Post Office square, I had this feeling of an enormous sense of relief, freedom and uncertainty,” Koelsch said.

He has been pursuing his passion as a full-time recording and performance artist in Los Angeles, and his first EP reflects his 3,000-mile distance from his homeland in New England. This release shows Koelsch’s epic vocals and emotional lyrics that tell stories of loss and gains and his adventures of growing up.

“Being in this setting during my late 20s early 30s has affected my writing because it has made me more vulnerable,” said Koelsch. “There is more time and space to explore and discover when you are in a completely new and foreign setting, removed from the comforts of your close network of relationships.”

His track “Perfectly Aligned” has a laid-back Latin sound that would be perfect to listen to while on the beach. Perhaps the song’s inspiration stems from his new So-Cal surroundings and Koelsch does a good job at adding his own style to the indie-folk genre with catchy vocals and upbeat instrumentations. There’s no doubt that Koelsch will continue to rise and he’s already on the right track by winning a scholarship to Berklee College of Music and sharing the stage with bands such as REM and Pink Floyd.

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