Patrick Doval – New Video Release

Miami, Florida-based singer-songwriter and producer Patrick Doval has released his 20th music video for “Crush” from his 2016 LP “Obscured.” Check out the 80s dance pop track here:

“Crush” is a fun song with a quirky video that takes inspiration from the 1958 cult film “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” with its larger than life actor searching for her relatively miniature friend. The over the top zaniness of the video draws comparisons to the creativity level of someone like David Bowie, who always took art into new, exciting directions. The video is yet another example of Doval’s musical and creative inspiration. The song is featured on last year’s “Obscured,” an EP that debut at #164 on the FMQB radio charts along with its lead single “Sugarless Candy.” The song peaked at #27 and spent 20 weeks in the top 100.

Doval is known for being a do-it-yourself artist and he has been actively making music for more than ten years and five albums. Some of Doval’s music videos have been showcased at premier contemporary art stages including Art Basel, and the Wynwood Arts District of Miami’s Curator’s Voice Art Projects.


Photo by Robert G. Zuckerman

To see Doval live, be sure to catch him at the Echo Tech in Miami on June 30 and July 28. Stay up to date with all things Doval at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and his official site.

Love Ghost – New Video Release

Los Angeles’s own indie garage rock band Love Ghost has released a new video for its track “Forgive Me” from its EP “Love Ghost Vol. 1.” Check out the striking video here:

The 10-minute video has unique storytelling and set pieces that show off the wanderer (played by vocalist/guitarist Finnegen Seeker Bell) lost in the desert. As he crawls through the sands of time he tosses his necklace and sees a vision of the desert ghost that leads him to a mysterious set of doors. Upon entering it, the wanderer is inside a church that worships a television set. The scene shifts to a poolside with baptism underway. The wanderer is looking to find himself in a world full of religion and rules, and soon after he sets off running from a power plant full of a crew in chemical biohazard suits looking to trap him in their own toxicity. The wanderer eventually finds a cross in an industrial junkyard and lies next to the necklace tossed earlier, realizing he had what he was searching for all along.

The teenage band is full of energy and promise with hard pounding drums, inspired vocals (reminiscent of Curt Cobain) and something unique to this grunge act: the symphonic violin playing by member Mya Greene, who adds a touch of sophistication to the madness. This is a group that takes the best alternative acts of the 90s and translates the personal messages to apply to today’s youth.

love ghost

Photo via Love Ghost

The band is on the rise, already having opened for bands such as Smash Mouth, The Tubes, Berlin, Ozomatli and Buckcherry. To see them live, check out their upcoming tour:

-July 8:  Our Life Festival, Los Angeles, CA

-July 18:  The Vera Project, Seattle WA

-July 26, The Study, Hollywood, CA

-August 12: The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA

-August 19: Echo Park Rising, Los Angeles, CA

To stay up to date with all things Love Ghost, check out the band on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

Aubergine MACHINE – New Video Release

Aubergine MACHINE has released a new music video for its track “U People” off the “Wildlife EP.” Check out the video here:

Consisting of multi-platinum selling producer Ian Carey and newcomer vocalist Shanti Ellis who connected in 2012, Aubergine MACHINE’s approach to music comes from ‘90s Hip-Hop and pop productions mixed with soothing yet haunting vocals. The video shrouds Shanti in smoke as the music takes hold of her, giving viewers a look into the group’s darker, deeper side.

“It was sometime during the end of 2015 that we started to feel like we needed to take some time to revel in some personal dark space and write about stuff, personal stuff,” the band said of the video. “We started writing ‘U People.’ Somehow in the end, we thought that the darkness felt and sounded more like resilience. When it came time to do the video a year and a half later, there were so many images that came to mind. Political things. Big things. Small things. But in the end, we felt like sticking to our original feeling of that dark space and that’s what we did. We found a dark cozy spot and filmed ourselves.”

The “Wildlife EP” the track comes from follows suit in capturing mystical sounds accompanied by personal lyrics. As the band said, the EP “creates visions of a dystopian rebellion sprinkled with a little stardust,” showing there is always a little hope even in troubling times.

To stay up to date with Aubergine MACHINE, be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Soundcloud.

The Great Enough – New Video Release

The Great Enough recently shared the music video to its debut single “Can You Relate?” Check out the paint-splattering video here:

Featuring the rock and roll trio consisting of Bright Kelley, Brian DiBiagio, and John Hoff, The Great Enough offer a song that is serious in its message about exploring the similarities in people that brings everyone together. The video does a good job at telling a narrative that is heartfelt, fun and memorable. For this song, the band joined Grammy-nominated Producer Luke Tozour (Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Jamie Cullum).

Anybody who is a fan of alt-rockers Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon and the Killers will surely get a kick out of this band. They clearly have a passion for what they do and it shows in the high quality of their sound and lyrics. “Can You Relate?” is only the beginning as they continue to rise, and ETV will be sure to be on the lookout for their next release.

The Great Enough

Photo via The Great Enough

To stay up to date with all things The Great Enough, check them out on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and their official site.

Bleeder – New Video Release

Alternative rock trip Bleeder recently released a video for their debut single “If You” from their upcoming full length self-titled album coming out June 2. Check out the memoir music here:

The black and white video shows the band writing and recording their song in a simple setting that goes well with how calm the rock track is. The lyrics memorable “You don’t wanna be like anybody else” and “You just wanna be / Be yourself” illustrate the band’s mindset of going against expectations, and the video follows suit by taking a minimalistic approach among the sea of other loud and often cluttered videos.

Bleeder is a recording project started in 2014 by Shelby Smoak who is a long-time musician from the Chapel Hill indie rock scene, who has been a part of one musical project or another for the past 15 years. The name “Bleeder” came from Smoak’s memoir titled “Bleeder: A Memoir” that chronicled his struggle living with hemophilia and HIV. It was published in 2013 by the Michigan State University Press and soon after Smoak would go on a book tour along the East Coast sharing his story. The memoir won several awards including the National Library of America Book of the Year and Smoak would appear on radio and TV shows such as the Bob Edwards Show on NPR.


Photo provided by Bleeder

Smoak’s struggles in real life bleed into his songwriting, as each song on the upcoming album is filled with raw emotions that allows the listener to get a sense of Smoak has gone through. Smoak recruited Chuck Campbell (drummer for Charlie Post and Ugly) and Drew Speziale (frontman of Circle Takes the Square) to complete the band and the instant chemistry has given Bleeder great potential to reach new musical frontiers. All songs were recorded in Smoak’s basement, with Al Weatherhead (Sparklehorse, Camper van Beethoven, The Magnolia Project, Jennifer O’Connor) doing mixing and Tom King for mastering.

To stay up to date with all things Bleeder, be sure to check them out on Twitter, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube, iTunes and their official site. To learn more about hemophilia, click here.