Emily Curtis’ New Single “Battleshade”

Charleston SC based musician, Emily Curtis has released her new soul pop single “Battleshade” off her upcoming EP titled “Hindsight” coming out Nov. 10. Check out the single here:

The video, directed by Chris Viera, scenes flash between the many sides that comprise a woman: insecurity, comparison, liberation, frustration, confidence and beauty. The lyrics in “Battleshade” is a rallying call for all women who have dealt with discrimination and was written by Curtis as a response to her own insecurities about pursuing music. She said, “Remember me. Say you will. I’ll leave a mark. It won’t fade. It’s such a bold statement to make about yourself, but singing those phrases does something in me that makes me feel brave.”

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Photo credit: Randi Katheryn Photography

The five-track EP is a mixture of styles and flavors that contain pop, jazz, soul, and country. The resulting experience will leave the listener with introspective feelings of individuality as Curtis’s strong suit is her ability to share her own bravery through soulful lyrics of empowerment and self-acceptance.

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JREAMS Releases New Music Video for “Seoul” [Enter the Venture Premiere]

In anticipation of the upcoming JREAMS album “Letters To Jupiter” coming out Oct. 20, Enter the Venture is proud to present the world premiere the third single/video from the Austin, Texas producer. Check out the video here:

“Seoul” looks into the city of Seoul from its bustling streets, trains, and marketplaces and captures a day in the life of someone enjoying the sights and sounds of the city. The video transitions and cuts match the instrumental music, which is calm and keyboard-driven with sound samples of ambient noise that culminate into an atmospheric, experimental track.  The Jazz, electronic, downtempo influences give the laid-back song hints of groove that highlight the talents of JREAMS’ and his rising stardom.

The two previous singles “(im)mortal” and “Gravity” are both equally impressive in sight and sound are must-watch if you can’t get enough of the trippy, electronic vibes. Check out the videos below:

The release of “Letters To Jupiter” is right around the corner and it can’t come soon enough. To stay up to date with JREAMS, be sure to follow him at Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube and Instagram.


“Letters To Jupiter” track listing:

  1. Gravity
  2. Goodbye World
  3. Seoul
  4. (im)mortal
  5. Origins
  6. Ephemeral
  7. Helium

Easy Star All-Stars Concert Review

The Echoplex welcomed reggae bands The Elovators, The Late Ones, and Easy Star All-Stars on Memorial Day 2017 as the three bands embark on their West Coast Tour.

Opening the show was The Elovators from Boston, Massachusetts, who brought the beach sounds from the east coast to this side of the country on their first ever performance in California. They performed songs from their recently released album “The Cornerstone,” setting up for what would be a very funky night. Throughout their set, the band was friendly, even asking everyone to step in closer to the stage to create a more intimate setting. From clean vocals to the groovy trombone, The Elovators successfully brought their authentic sound to the Echoplex and showed what their hometown was all about. Overall, they were a great opening band and enjoyed themselves on stage just as much as the crowd enjoyed watching them perform.


The Elovators. Photo via Isiah Reyes

The Late Ones came out onto the stage next with a different approach. They brought a lot more energy and instantly got everyone hyped. Based out of Laie, Hawaii, brothers Tui Avei (lead vocals), and Tau Avei (vocals), along with cousin Josh Brunson (vocals) brought their rapid-fire rhymes and rap-infused style to give everyone a chance to let loose and truly enjoy the night out. Some of their songs were full of high-octane ferocity, while others were slower jams. Either way, The Late Ones managed to get their new fans swaying to their hypnotic rhythms in no time. The youthful band is taking hold of the reggae torch and infusing its flame with dashes of Jazz and R&B in new and exciting ways. They got everyone pumped up for the final act and the headliners for the night’s show.


The Late Ones. Photo via Isiah Reyes

Before the Easy Star All-Stars took the stage, there was an undeniable energy in the air. I believe those in attendance had an idea of what to expect, but no one was prepared for just how hard they would rock out. A thunderous applause followed as each member finally stepped out. The opening song started as a long instrumental that allowed for everyone to get accustomed to the band’s versatility. Soon after, the collective force of all eight members on stage playing off each other began to shine and they started playing their reggae cover hits by legendary acts Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Beatles, and Michael Jackson. The highlight of the night was when they performed Pink Floyd’s “Money” leading into “Billie Jean” and just when you thought it was over, they went back into “Money,” with a flourishing end that had everyone head-banging to the dynamic rhythm section and outstanding vocal harmonies from the multitude of vocalists on stage. This performance proved the Easy Star All-Stars are indeed one of the top reggae performing acts in the world right now. As someone who doesn’t listen to reggae regularly, the entire show for me was a gateway into a new sound that I’ll be keeping an ear out for.


Easy Star All-Stars. Photo via Isiah Reyes

If you’re ready to experience The Elovators, The Late Ones, and Easy Star All-Stars, three reggae bands that know how to put on a good show, be sure to check out their tour dates to know when they’ll be coming into your town so you can enjoy it all for yourself too.

Substance Abuse – New Album Release

Los Angeles-formed Hip-Hop duo Substance Abuse consisting of emcees Subz and Eso Tre have gone back and remixed their sophomore album “Background Music” that re-imagines the critically acclaimed work. Check out the track “Don’t Get Us Wrong feat. Tash (Remix)” off the EP “Background Music: The Redux” here:

Eso said the album refers to the state of Hip-Hop today and how music is created for mainstream consumption as opposed to original, creative and underground work. He said, “music seems deracinated of the personality and edge that it once had,” and the message in Hip-Hop lacks the significant power and influence it once had as it now relegates to background club and dance music.

This album is a great entry into the discography of Substance Abuse, where listeners can get a taste of their deep lyricism and personality all while focusing on socially conscious material. The “Redux” album features Krs-One, Tash, Waez One, Motion Man with remixes by The Chase, Da Stig, Rad Neef, Good Times, and Change the World.


Image provided by Substance Abuse

To listen to the album, check it out on iTunes and Spotify. To stay up to date with Substance Abuse, follow them on Twitter, Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube, and Bandcamp.

Maryama – Song Review

Iranian American Maryama has released a new hypnotic music video for her recently released track “Where The Mermaids Are.” Derived from a fusion of Jazz and Persian influences, check out the song here:

The song slowly draws the listener in with a minimalistic approach utilizing tribal elements that convey the calmness of an empty beach. Maryama’s soothing voice combined with piano chords elicit a relaxing feeling that increases as the vocal harmonies join in. Beginning with the word “mermaid,” the song fills the empty painting with images of mysticism and feelings of spirituality with slow jazz influences. The meditative breakdown offers a passageway into the inner depths of the ocean as the echoing voice of Maryama bounces from ear to ear and we feel ourselves drowning peacefully. The song offers thought-provoking, easy-listening vibes great for dates by the bay during sunset.

The video is an accurate portrayal of the track’s lyrical themes and represents Maryama a siren herself who is calling for her listeners to join her beneath the ocean where she creates music. The scenes feature imagery as vibrant as the lyrics themselves. Directed by Benjamin Hunter, the video shows a glimpse of Maryama’s storytelling and we can’t wait to see what comes from her next.


Maryama is currently working on two new debut albums featuring her newly formed Maryama Band as well as new instrumental music. To stay up to date with all things Maryama, be sure to check her out on Soundcloud, Twitter, YouTube, Reverbnation, Facebook, and her official site.